Trimming and Linearization: What is Linearization?

In questi due interessanti video
Brian Douglas illustra dei concetti come quelli di linearizzazione e trimming.

Il suo modo di spiegare chiaro e conciso mi ha aiutato molto nell’approfondire questi concetti indispensabili per chiunque voglia cimentarsi nel campo della robotica o dell’automazione. Sono presenti riferimenti pratici al software MATLAB della Mathworks.

This video introduces the concept of linearization and covers some of the topics that will help you understand how linearization is used and why it’s helpful.
This video also describes operating points and the process of trimming your system to make an operating point an equilibrium.
To end, we walk through an example of Jacobian linearization by looking at the first order partial derivatives of a system. 

With a general understanding of linearization, you might run into a few snags when trying to linearize realistic nonlinear models. These snags can be avoided if you have a more practical understanding of how linearization is accomplished, and that’s what we’ll cover in this video.
Can a discontinuous function be linearized? How does Simulink linearize a hierarchical model? What should you look for to determine if your model can be linearized?

Giocando con i parametri dell’esempio “Watertank” è possibile studiare la stabilità del sistema, linearizzare il modello ed implementare le possibili varianti su Simulink.

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